Spray Tans Camden

Spray Tans Camden

A spray tan is one of the best was of getting a bronzed glow without any of the harmful effects of the Australian sun or tanning beds. Nowadays, we’re only too aware that skin that’s overexposed to UV rays and the sun is prone to damage, sunburn, premature aging, skin conditions and even skin cancer. Although sitting in the sun is okay in small doses, spray tanning is a far healthier way of getting that bronzed look.

When you opt for a spray tan at The Lash & Beauty Lounge Camden, you’ll be the envy of your friends who’ll automatically think you’ve been away on a luxury trip. A spray tan makes you feel good about yourself. So, go from pale and pasty to bronzed goddess in one simple treatment at The Lash & Beauty Lounge Camden!

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Spray Tan Benefits

There are so many benefits to getting a spray tan. These include:

  • Wearing less makeup. When your skin is golden, you’ll find that you need to wear less foundation to achieve that picture-perfect look. So, you’ll save money as well as being able to let your skin breathe and have a break for a while.

  • Covering up blemishes. Even a very light spray tan hides marks on the skin such as scars, pimples and blackheads. A spray tan evens out your skin tone. It’s also useful for covering up any redness and visible blood vessels.

  • Looking slimmer. Did you know that you automatically look slimmer as well as healthier with a spray tan?

Camden Spray Tanning Specialists

When you opt for a The Lash & Beauty Lounge Camden spray tan, all those hours spent outside waiting for your skin to bronze can be better spent doing something else. Or, if you use self-tanning products, you will no longer need to worry about streaks and weird smells on your skin when you have a spray tan instead. So, come into the salon and let us pamper you so you feel and look your very best all year round!

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