Eyelash Extensions Camden

Eyelash Extensions Camden


The Lash & Beauty Lounge Camden is the go-to salon for eyelash extensions in Camden and throughout the surrounding areas. We have been giving ladies the sassiest, sexiest eyelashes for over 15 years. In fact, we were the first in the area to offer this service! 

All our amazing girls are trained to an impeccably high standard so you can sit back and relax knowing you are getting the best lashes in NSW.

Lash extensions are the one thing that every woman wants. They open up your face, making your eyes look bigger and more doe-like. They’re just so easy to wear too. The Lash & Beauty Lounge Camden eyelash extensions are a beauty must-have for ladies in the Sydney area!

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Classic Lashes

Our signature range of classic lash extensions is enduringly popular with our clients. There are so many curls, sizes and thicknesses to choose from that you are guaranteed to achieve the desired style and look of your dreams. Additionally, we use a special technique to apply your classic lashes to ensure your natural lashes remain healthy and that your new lashes last longer too!

We have actually had a number of clients coming to us for infills for over 10 years now with absolutely no damage to their own natural eyelashes. With this in mind, classic lashes are an amazing starting point if you’re new to lash extensions. Classic lashes are low maintenance with infills only needing to be done around the 3-week mark. We also offer bottom lash extensions to complement your top set for that special occasion. Contact our team for a quote today!

Hybrid Lashes

We also offer the option of hybrid lashes. These incredible lashes are a mixture of Russian volume and classic lashes to give you a beautiful textured look. Hybrid lashes are a great option if you have fine or sparse eyelashes because Russian volume fans can be used in sparse areas to produce a fuller effect.

Applying hybrid lashes takes up to 2 hours. Our lashes artist will consult with you to create the look you desire taking your lash health and face shape into account.

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Russian 3D Lash Extensions

Our The Lash & Beauty Lounge Camden Russian volume lashes are our most asked for treatment. This relatively new technique involves applying multiple lashes to a single natural lash in what is known as a boutique. You might worry that Russian lashes will be too heavy for your natural lashes to cope with. However, they are ultra-thin and so lightweight you won’t even be able to feel them. The perfect boutique involves anything from 2-8 lashes to create a soft look with incredible volume. Clients who opt for Russian volume lashes can go longer between infills than ladies with classic lashes. Russian lashes give a full effect with that incredible ‘wow’ factor so they’re perfect for special occasions, weddings and more! These lashes are also perfect if you already have classic lashes. We will book you in for an appointment and start using the Russian infills instead of classic. Over time, the classic ones will begin to fall out, leaving just the gorgeous Russian lashes. Perfect!

Max Volume Lashes

Max Volume lashes are the brand-new generation of eyelash extensions. These consist of two bouquets of lashes applied to either side of your natural lash providing an amazing look that’s twice the volume of Russian lashes! Max Volume lashes are also finer than the Russian lashes. Just be prepared for all the admiring glances and comments you’ll receive when you opt for these babies!

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Here Are Some Of Our Recent Lashes

Already Have Lashes From Another Salon?

Even if you already have lashes from another salon, we can make you look amazing! Of course, it’s impossible for us to predict what condition your natural eyelashes and extensions are in when you make your initial appointment with us. However, we are experts in rescuing lashes. Our commitment to you is to give you the best outcome possible when you come to us for a treatment. If your extensions are beyond repair, we may have to remove them to save your own natural lashes because these are our ultimate priority.

When they’re applied correctly, quality lash extensions can be worn for years with no breaks at all. You’re in expert, knowledgeable hands when you visit Christina and her team. We will always do what’s best for your natural lashes. Contact us today for a quote.